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View April 30, 2006 Bulletin

Posted by: Sue Stuk on Thu, Apr 27, 2006

SUNDAY, APRIL 30, 2006
10:00 AM Worship Service
 Choral Introit “I Have Christ in My Heart”
 Time of Praise
 Call to Worship 
 *  Greeting Time 
*  Opening Songs of Praise
*  Opening Prayer and God’s Greeting
 Moments of Sharing:  The Church of Jesus Christ is _________!
 Senior Choir “Give Him the Glory” 
 Moments in Prayer 
 Hymn No. 560  …………………………………….…………  “More About Jesus”
 Tithes and Offerings for God’s Kingdom
 Signing of the Fellowship Register
 Children are dismissed for Children In Worship
*  Doxology
*  Prayer of Dedication
 Living Word:  Mark 1:21-28, 6:1-13 (Page 968 - 973)
 Rev. Rick Oppenhuizen
 Prayer of Blessing on the Word
*  Closing Hymn No. 667  ……………………………………  “Lord, Speak to Me”
*  Benediction
*  Song of Departure No. 436 (vs. 1) ....………………………..  “Freely, Freely” 
*  Postlude 
 Organist, Paul Kerkstra
 Pianist,  Ruth Tacoma
 ELDERS INVITATION - If you have questions, concerns, joys, or
 prayer needs that you would like to share, an Elder will be available
 in the front of the sanctuary following the service this morning.
We joyously greet those who are visiting with us today in the name of our Risen Savior!  Let us join together in celebrating the goodness of God, and singing songs of joy before our Creator.  Please sign your name and address on the Fellowship Register as it is passed today so we can
get to know you better!
Sunday’s at Six
Meet in the Chapel
 Worship Sequence No. 594, 595, 596, 597  …………..  “Living Sacrifice”
* Invocation & Salutation
 Time of Sharing
 Moments in Prayer
* Hymn No. 33  ……….……………..  “Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise”
 Living Word:  Esther 1:1-22  (Page 485)
 Rev. Rick Oppenhuizen
 Prayer of Blessing on the Word 
* Closing Hymn No. 660  ……………………………………  “I Will Serve Thee”
* Benediction
*All who are able, please stand
TODAY Pastor Rick will begin a new series of messages in both the
 morning and evening service.  This morning we begin the series
 “Eastertide:  The Resurrected Lord brings His church alive!  During
 the evening Pastor Rick will lead us in a study and discussion on the
 Book of Esther.  See the insert in the bulletin today for all the details!
 Children ages 4 – 2nd grade meet in the Fellowship
 Hall today for Children In Worship.  Children are
 dismissed during the hymn prior to the message.
11:30 – 12:10 PM SUNDAY SCHOOL - There are classes available for
 all ages three years old and upward.  PARENTS are invited to join in
 the nursery for a time of fellowship with one another while the kids
 are in Sunday School!  Coffee and cold drinks will be provided!
 Sunday School Guide Class will meet in the Consistory Room. 
 Grace and the Millennium – Meet in the chapel with Brad Class.
 The Sunday Prayer Group will meet in the Sanctuary.
HEALTH CONCERNS – Cheryl De Witt is home following recent surgery. 
 Dorothy Church returned to Heartland Center.  Rev. Benes is now
 back at his home in Holland and is doing well, even doing some
 calling. See the Prayers & Praise Line inserted in your bulletin
 today for other concerns of the Grace family.
IN APPRECIATION – We would like to thank the Grace congregation for
 their prayers, cards, and phone calls following my broken
 foot/sprained ankle and Ken’s respiratory problems.  They are
 very much appreciated. ~Ken & Cindy Wylie
HURRICANE RELIEF WORK TRIP:  The group was to arrive home late last
 night after a very productive week.  Just one story…shortly after
 arriving the group went to dinner.  A fellow worker from Newhall
 Reformed, who was traveling with our group, struck up a
 conversation with a fellow EMT from the local area.  He told the man
 about the mission trip.  When the group went to leave, they were
 informed that their bill had been paid.  The guy they only knew as
 “Tim” paid for all 16 of our group and left before anyone knew! 
 We look forward to a time when more stories will be shared!
STUDENT SPOTLIGHT!  Today we want to spotlight

Kara will be graduating from Michigan State University on May 6th of this year!  She will graduate with a degree in Science and Technology Studies.  Kara will be applying to the Peace Corps this summer.  Currently she is working at a Blockbuster in Lansing.  You can send notes of encouragement to Kara at 2245 Avon SW, Wyoming or email

TUESDAY, MAY 2, 2006
 3:00 - 5:00 PM CLUB 3:16 for Middle School students.
 Consistory Room.
 2:45 - 500 PM CLUB 3:16 for High School students.
 6:15 PM CADETS FOR BOYS IN GRADES 1-5. We will meet
 at church to ride together at 6:15 pm, or at Newhall at 6:30pm.
 6:45 – 8:00 PM The SENIOR CHOIR will meet.
 will meet in the Consistory Room.
 3:30 – 5:30 PM  CLUB 3:16 for Elementary students.
 4:30 PM PRAYER GROUP will meet in Pastor Rick’s Office.
MAY 7, 2006
NEXT SUNDAY Pastor Rick will continue the series of messages
 “Eastertide:  The Resurrected Lord Brings His Church
 Alive!  Next week “The Lordship of Jesus:  The Following
THE SPECIAL OFFERING for the month of April is designated for the
 GEMS ORGANIZATION.  This special offering will be received next week
 on GEMS Sunday
6:00 PM MUSIC APPRECIATION SERVICE.  A special evening is being
 planned.  The men & women from the Veterans Home will be our
 special guests as well as the choir from Faith Reformed Church. 
 Plan now to attend!
Tuesday, May 16, 7:30 PM OUTREACH TEAM MEETING
Saturday, May 20, 2:00 PM FELLOWSHIP GOLF OUTING!  You are
 invited to Maple Hill Golf Course for a fun afternoon of Golf and
 fellowship!  Cost is $19.50 per person which will include the use of a
 cart.  Following golf, we will go back to the Crossing for dinner.  Sign
 up today in the narthex!
Sunday, May 21 LAST DAY OF SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES until fall.
Sunday, June 4 – PENTECOST & GRADUATION SUNDAY.  High School
 Seniors – You can pick up your Scholarship Applications from the
Wednesday, June 21 – ANNUAL CHURCH PICNIC at Pinery Park – A very
 special evening is being planned!  Save the date.
BLOOD DRIVE – FAITH REFORMED CHURCH is sponsoring a Blood Drive
 on Thursday, May 4 from 1:30 – 7:00 pm.  Each donor is asked to
 show photo ID or two pieces of non-photo ID.  You can call and
 schedule an appointment or just wall-in.
FIESTA VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL at Grace.  The date is June 12-16!  Sign
 up to become part of this exciting week! There are many different
 areas in which you can help!  Most of all, we need everyone to PRAY
 that God will use us to reach Children for Jesus! 
FOOD DONATIONS FOR VBS – This has worked so well in the past and
 really saved on our VBS budget!  On the narthex table is a list of items
 needed for the snack time.  Please look over the list and see where you
 can help.  Donations can be brought to the church kitchen.
  Week of 4-23-06
 Offering Weekly Amount Needed Difference
 $3,744.00 $7,848.27 - $4,104.27
Year to Date Offering Year to Date Needed Difference
 $120,518.84 $133,420.59 - $12,901.75
Today Upper Doors: Shirley De Bruin 
 John & Fay De Jong
 Lower Doors:  Linda De Vries
May 7 Upper Doors:  Stan & Cheryl De Witt
 Dan & Martha Derogee
 Lower Doors:  Jayme & Heather Dood
May 14 Upper Doors:  Jim & Lori Duimstra
 Tim & Sue Dunkle
 Lower Doors:  Steve & Jennifer Elkowitz
April Aisle 1 Aisle 2 Aisle 3 Aisle 4 Aisle 5 Aisle 6
 Elkowitz Dood Frontjes Norden Kubiak Maitner
Today AM Service:  Sue Vander Wal, Lynda Ver Merris,
 Jennifer Moody, Sarah Dunkle 
 PM Service:  Donna Oppenhuizen
May 7 AM Service:  Phyllis Vander Sloot, Diane Maitner, Erika
 Wigent,  Allie Mc Elroy
 PM Service:  Ruth Postema
May 14 AM Service:  Elaine Martin, Marge Veldheer, Robin
 Zondervan, Janna Emelander
 PM Service:  Lynda Ver Merris
Prayers & Praise Line
April 30, 2006
The Prayer and Praise Line is a way to let our Grace Congregation
know about your prayer needs and praise reports. 
Praise God for…
· The willingness to serve of those who went on the Mission Trip to Alabama this past week
· Our teachers and leaders
· The warmer weather and signs of spring
· Healing for Rev. Benes
Prayers for…
· Pastor David Jansen and CenterPoint Church
· New Life Community Church and Rev. Todd Bush
· Those who do not know the joy of new life in Christ!
· Plans being made for VBS in June
· The Community Outreach Search Team as they continue the interview
· Shawn Gerbers studying at Western Theological Seminary
· Dorothy Church as she has been in and out of the hospital
· Jan VanWyk  and her continuing health concerns
· Cheryl De Witt following surgery
· Marjean Tibbets with continuing back pain
· Ila Friar and her continuing health concerns
· Carole Lankheet as she continues Chemotherapy
· Dan Martin, son of Elaine, who is studying in Osaka, Japan
· The following friends and family members with health concerns:
 Carol Hoekstra, Lara Class, Frenchetta Powell, Samantha Allan,
 Katie Van Dam, Gordon Ver Merris, Jeff Gerwig,  Rev. Louis Benes
· Sean Van Essen, Nate Petter, and Mark DeBri  in the military
· Our Shut-in’s including: Mr Irwin Huizen, Mrs Gert Kerkstra,
 Mrs Gen Kroon, Mrs Millie Nevins,  Mr & Mrs Ade Peterson,
 Mrs Ann Rozema, Mrs Miriam Schrotenboer, Mrs June Snyder,
 Leora Totten, Mr Casey Ver Merris,  Mrs Virginia Workman,
 Mrs Margaret Zylstra
As other prayers are shared, you are invited to write them down and include them in your prayers for our congregation this week.  Please keep the church informed of your prayer needs and praise reports!
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