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View August 27, 2006 Bulletin

Posted by: Sue Stuk on Fri, Aug 25, 2006

SUNDAY, August 27, 2006
10:00 am Worship Service
 Musical Introit Matt Lehmann 
 Time of Praise
 Call to Worship
 * Greeting Time
 * Opening Song of Praise No. 705  …….….. “It Is Well with My Soul”
 * Opening Prayer and God’s Greeting
 Moments of Sharing:  “Our God is Victorious in ________”
*  Apostles’ Creed
 Ministry of Music Matt Lehmann 
 Special Offering for Local Outreach will be received
 Moments in Prayer
 Hymn No. 151  ……………………….……. “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”
 Tithes and Offerings for God’s Kingdom
 Signing of the Fellowship Register
*  Doxology
*  Prayer of Dedication
 Living Word: Ephesians 6:10-20(Page 1137)
 Message:  “DRESS CODE” 
 Prayer of Blessing on the Word
*  Closing Hymn No. 526  ……………………..……………….  “The Solid Rock”
*  Benediction
*  Song of Departure No. 419 ……………………………....  “The Family of God”
*  Postlude Organist, Karen Ver Hulst
*All who are able, please stand
ELDERS INVITATION - If you have questions, concerns, joys, or
 prayer needs that you would like to share, an Elder will be available
 in the front of the sanctuary following the service this morning.
We joyously welcome you to Grace.  The Psalmist wrote
“O Lord of hosts, happy is everyone who trusts in you.” 
Let us be open today to the happiness and joy that
God offers each of us.  We are pleased that each of
you has come today. Please sign your name and
address on the Fellowship Register as it is passed
so we can get to know you better!
Meet at the Crossing
 Call to Worship
*  Opening Hymn No. 3  …….…..  “Holy! Holy! Holy! Lord God Almighty”
* Invocation & Salutation
 Time of Sharing
 Moments in Prayer
* Hymn No.  375  ……………………………………………….  “Jesus Shall Reign”
 Living Word: Psalm 149 (Page 614)
 Prayer of Blessing on the Word 
* Closing Hymn No. 425  …..……………………………..  “Bind Us Together”
* Benediction  & Postlude  
 Evening Pianist, Lorinda Vander Werp
OUR MINISTRY OF MUSIC this morning is presented by Matt Lehmann of
 East Leonard Christian Reformed Church.  Matt is a member of the 
 Praise Team at his church, has been a soloist for Opera Grand
 Rapids, and sings often around the area.  We welcome you Matt, and
 thank you for sharing with us today.
THE SPECIAL OFFERING for the month of August is designated for Local
 Outreach at Grace.  Funds are needed to offset Vacation Bible
 School and Fiesta Reunion costs.  We were able to reach 184 children
 with the Gospel this year and we had many parents here for the
 dinner on Friday, but with increased numbers,  meals, and events
 comes increased cost, so we are presenting this need to you!  This
 special offering will be received this morning.
THE SUNDAY SCHOOL GUIDE CLASS will meet in the Consistory Room.
 9:00 – 11:00 AM  THE ADIC (Adult Drop-In Center) at the Crossing. 
 Stop in for coffee, donuts and FELLOWSHIP!
 4:30 PM PRAYER GROUP will meet in Pastor Rick’s Office.
NEXT SUNDAY Rev. George Kroeze will lead our service and share the
 message.  We will NOT have an evening service at Grace.
HEALTH CONCERNS –  Bill Tacoma was able to return to his home
 Wednesday.  Gladys Kessel underwent knee replacement surgery on
 Tuesday and is doing well. See the Prayers & Praise Line inserted
 in your bulletin today for all the Prayer Requests and Praise Reports.
VOLUNTEER DINNER  - Anyone interested in learning about volunteering
 with Club 3:16 or as a Gladiola Elementary school tutor is invited to
 join us at the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on TUESDAY, September
 5th at 7:00 PM.  This is a time to celebrate our volunteers from last
 year as well as to give you an opportunity to find a place to get
 plugged in to the excitement of this year!!! Please let Nikki know if
 you plan to attend. 
SCHOOL SUPPLIES DONATIONS - We are continuing to collect school
 supplies for the month of August.  The goal is to fill 5 boxes and we
 are already halfway there!!! Keep up the great work and continue to
 bring in items to help kids be prepared for this coming school year! 
WELCOME TO ALASKA!  Imagine a setting where every view looks like a
 postcard – an unspoiled landscape overflowing with God’s beauty.
 This is Alaska, the site of Eaglecrest’s unique leadership development
 experience for adults and high school & college age students
 dedicated to deepening their faith.  Please prayerfully consider if this
 exciting challenge could be directed at YOU.  On July 21 – 31, 2007
 a group from Grace will be traveling to Alaska for this Spiritual &
 Leadership Development trip.  If you would like to hear more, please
 mark one of the following mandatory informational meetings on
 your calendar:
Sunday, September 10, immediately following the morning service
Sunday, September 10, 7:00 pm at The Crossing
(this time will coincide with the Indeed! meeting for youth
participants, although adults are also welcome to attend this meeting.)
See Shari Dood, Ray or Robin Zondervan for more information.
CHILDREN & WORSHIP VOLUNTEERS – A training session will be held in
 the Fellowship Hall on September 6 at 7:00 pm.  See Heather Dood if
 you have any questions.
A NEW MEMBERS CLASS will begin September 24.  More details soon.
MEN!  A group from Grace will be attending the PROMISE KEEPERS
 CONVENTION September 15 & 16 at the Van Andel Arena.  There is
 still room for YOU! 
GENEVA JOY (Just Older Youth) GIVERS WORK RETREAT – You are invited
 to come out to Geneva October 10-12 for three fun-filled days of
 projects around the camp, numerous coffee breaks with new & old
 friends, relaxing evenings, delicious meals, and TONS of
 appreciation!  For more information call Corie, Special Programs
 Registar at 399-3150.
Today Upper Doors: Donna Oppenhuizen;  Paul & Joyce Ostema
 Lower Doors: Ernst & Char Otto
Sept. 3 Upper Doors: Larry & Bernice Palma; Jack & Sue Petter
 Lower Doors: Rick Postema Family
August Aisle 1 Aisle 2 Aisle 3 Aisle 4 
 Dood Norden Elkowitz Frontjes
Today AM Service:  Mark Roach, Willie Hiemstra, Brian & Sandy
 Gort  PM Service:  Donna Oppenhuizen
Sept. 3 AM Service:  Pat Ter Beek, Laura Marshall, Janna
  Week of 8-20-06
 Offering Weekly Amount Needed Difference
 $6,551.62 $7,848.27 - $1,296.65
Year to Date Offering Year to Date Needed Difference
 $254,070.28 $266,841.18 - $12,770.90
Prayers & Praise Line
August 27, 2006
The Prayer and Praise Line is a way to let our Grace Congregation
know about your prayer needs and praise reports. 
Praise God for…
· Good Dr. reports for Ken Wylie this past week
· His love and forgiveness!
Prayers for…
· Keri Boeve as she works with troubled kids in California
· Plans for Fall programs
· Bill Tacoma and Gladys Kessel following recent surgeries
· Jonathan Stouten, nephew of Pastor Rick & Donna, who underwent surgery Thursday, Aug. 17
· Lucille Bosma, mother of Judy Klein & Jim Bosma, who is hospitalized
· Pastor David Jansen and CenterPoint Church
· New Life Community Church and Rev. Todd Bush
·  The new job partner of Steve Elkowitz
· The families and loved ones of the young people in our area  who have lost their lives in car accidents this past week
· Those in our congregation with continuing heath concerns:  Jan VanWyk, David Hoezee, Marjean Tibbets, Ila Friar, Mary Haagsman
· The following friends and family members with health concerns:
 Carol Hoekstra, Lara Class, Samantha Allan, Katie Van Dam
 Gordon Ver Merris, Jeff Gerwig, Paul Hendricks, Cathy Duinkerken
 (Schoolenberg), Jim Hunter, Sarah Zimmerman (Roelofs)
· Our Shut-in’s including: Mrs Dorothy Church, Mr Irwin Huizen,
 Mrs Gert Kerkstra, Mrs Gen Kroon, Mrs Millie Nevins,  Mr & Mrs
 Ade Peterson, Mrs Ann Rozema, Mrs Miriam Schrotenboer, Mrs June
 Snyder, Leora Totten, Mr Casey Ver Merris, Mrs Margaret Zylstra
As other prayers are shared, you are invited to write them down and include them in your prayers for our congregation this week.  Please keep the church informed of your prayer needs and praise reports!
   Discussion: View August 27, 2006 Bulletin
Gladys Kessel (anon) · 11 years, 1 month ago
THANKS Thanks for all the prayers, cards (and Bible promises), and visits during my knee replacement surgery and recovery. I am thankful for my Grace family--for your caring and compassion. Gladys Kessel

The ladies circle Bible study will meet Tuesday, Sept. 19, at 1:15 p.m. in the Consistory Room. Our new study is the Sermon on the Mount. Books are available from Lucille Sytsema and Gladys Kessel. In preparation, read
Matthew 5:1-12 and the introduction (p.6-9 and 11-12) in the study book.
New members are welcome!

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