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View December 25, 2011 Bulletin

Posted by: Sue Stuk on Thu, Dec 22, 2011



December 25, 2011

10:00 am Worship Service

What is God Conceiving?



 Choral Introit “Love Has Come”

 Time of Praise

 * Christmas Call to Worship: Luke 2:1-20 

 * Greeting Time

 * Opening Songs of Praise

 * Opening Prayer and God’s Greeting 

 Moment of Sharing: Christmas means ______________.

 Moments in Prayer

 Senior Choir “There’s a Tiny Baby Born Tonight” 


 Tithes and Offerings for God’s Kingdom

1st Offering – Regular Tithes and Offerings

2nd Offering – Grace Mission Fund

 Signing of the Fellowship Register

* Doxology

* Prayer of Dedication

 Ministry of Music “I Heard the Bells” Ray & Robin Zondervan

 Living Word: Matthew 1:18-25 (Pg. 933), John 14:1-3, 15-17 (Pg. 1045)

 Revelation 1:4-8 (Pg. 1191)

 Message Rev. Rick Oppenhuizen


 Prayer of Blessing on the Word

 Ministry of Music “Be Born in Me” Christina Kleymeer

 Litany of Response

* Closing Song ………..………………………………………….....“Joy to the World”

* Benediction

* Song of Departure “Christmas Celebration” Senior Choir 

* Postlude Organist, Paul Kerkstra

 Pianist, Ruth Tacoma


ELDERS INVITATION If you have questions, concerns, joys, or

 prayer needs that you would like to share, please see Pastor Rick or

 an Elder today. Elders will be greeting at the doors as you leave the

 sanctuary this morning and they are also listed on the back of your

 bulletin. You may also make a notation on the Fellowship Register as

 it is passed today.




NO DISCOVERY KIDZ TODAY! Children are welcome to join their

 parents for worship in the sanctuary.


IN APPRECIATION – Today we thank Christina Kleymeer, Ray &

 Robin Zondervan, and our Senior Choir and Praise Team for their

 special part in our Christmas celebrations!


Our CHRISTMAS OFFERING and also our Special Offering for the

 month of December is designated for the Grace Mission Fund. Your

 gifts will be received this morning.



No Club 3:16 this week!






10:00 AM – Join us as we begin the new year in worship. Pastor Rick

 will share the message. No evening service will be held at Grace.




HEALTH CONCERNS – Tena De Vink is now a patient at Tender

 Care Health Center, 2786 56th Street SW, Wyoming. Please keep

 Tena in your prayers. For all other prayer requests and praise

 reports, see the Prayers & Praise Line.


IN APPRECIATION – Dear Friends of Family Network of Wyoming: Thanks

 so much for your significant gift of $1,733. Your church does so much for us and

 we thank God for each of you. We received the following note of thanks from

 one of our clients “Last night I went to bed for the first time without a

 headache… I have more food in my home than I have had in 6 months ~ you

 guys are not humans, you are angels”. Richest Christmas Blessings to each of

 you! ~Glen Walstra, Ministry Director at Family Network


 I would like to express my thanks for the beautiful poinsettia. It certainly

 brightens up my room and I appreciate being remembered. Thanks, too, for the

 special messenger, Lorie Norden, and her long distance delivery.

 ~Janet Yonkers

 Thank You to Pastor Rick for his call and thanks to my Grace family for the

 many wonderful get well, sympathy, and Christmas cards I received! Also

 thanks to the Deacons for the beautiful poinsettia once again this year.

 ~Ann Hoezee




THE FOLLOWING PERSONS were elected to serve on the

 Consistory beginning in January 2012:

 Elders: Scott Crane, Wes Dekker

 Deacon: Eric Wigent

 Ray Zondervan has agreed to remain on Consistory serving as a

 Deacon for one additional year.


 Names of the elected are printed in order that any legitimate

 objections may be presented to the Board of Elders for its judgment

 prior to installation and ordination of these persons.


 INSTALLATION AND ORDINATION of newly elected Elders

 and Deacons will take place on January 8.


NEW BUDGET ENVELOPES are now in your mailboxes for the

 year 2012. Please note: Open enrollment for online giving

 continues. If you would prefer to give your tithes and offering in this

 way, please contact Ray Zondervan or Ernst Otto. 


DISCOVERY KIDZ – Next rotation begins on January 8! Still needed

 are 2 Shepherds, cooking leader and games leader. See Heather if

 you can help, or sign up in the narthex!


NEW NURSERY SCHEDULES are being prepared. If you would be

 willing to volunteer, please sign up in the narthex. If you are already

 a volunteer…THANK YOU! We will continue to schedule you as in

 the past!



 space for 4 more persons to go along on the trip March 11-18. 

 Presently 12 persons are on board. If you have been thinking about it

 and are on the fence, please consider joining the Team. See Shari for

 more information. Deadline for adding new members is TODAY.


HELP WANTED to go to Gladiola to recruit for Club 3:16 during their

 lunch hour. We will go on Wednesday, January 4. See Pastor George

 if you would be able to help out in this way!



 SUPPER on Sunday, January 15. 


Y-LIFE – Next meeting is scheduled for January 15 at the Crossing!







Today Upper Doors: Rick Postema, Gerald & Elaine Pylman

 Lower Doors: George & Hennie Rosema

Jan. 1 Upper Doors: John & Della Sawyer, Harvey & Sheryl Steensma

 Lower Doors: Bill & Ruth Tacoma





Today Sandy Farris, Lyndsey Boeve, Elaine Martin

Jan. 1 Erika Wigent, Tymie Boeve, Phyllis Vander Sloot




Prayers & Praise Line

December 25, 2011



Church Plant Prayer Focus


A prayer of thanks for so quickly finding representatives from the Classis and the Regional Synod. 

Now we ask for prayers for Rev. Randy Weener, Ben Ingebretson, Larry Kleymeer, Les VanWyk, and Pastor George. 



Congregational Prayers and Praise

Please call the office if you would like to

share a Prayer Request or a Praise Report.


  • We thank and praise God today for the gift of His Son! 
  • We give thanks today for our family and friends, both near and far.
  • We pray for Tena De Vink at Tendercare.
  • We remember in prayer today all those serving in the military on this Christmas Day. May they have peace and comfort as they are far from home.
  • Please keep Curt Boes, former member of our congregation, in your prayers as waits for a heart transplant.
  • We remember in prayer the following family or friends of our members that are ill or receiving treatments: Dan De Vries, brother of Lisa Braendle; Norm Ver Merris, brother of Shirley De Bruin and brother in law of Ruth Ver Merris.
  • We pray for the plans being made for the mission trip to Chiapas….may all the details work out and the fundraisers be successful. 
  • Keep these friends and family serving in the military in your prayers: Amie Pierce, Mitch Dekker, Frank Senko, Adam Simons, Dave Vander Berg. 
  • Pray for our Shut-in’s: Mrs Tena DeVink, Mrs Miriam Schrotenboer, Mrs Anne Hoezee, Mrs Ruth Ver Merris,
  • Mrs Janet Yonkers.


As other prayers are shared, you are invited to write

them down and include them in your prayers for our

congregation this week. Please keep the church

informed of your prayer needs and praise reports!



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