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View July 30, 2017 Bulletin

Posted by: Sue Stuk on Thu, Jul 27, 2017


 SUNDAY, JULY 30, 2017

10:00 AM Worship Service



 Introit  Ruth Tacoma & Janet Dekkinga

 Call to Worship

 *Greeting Time

 *Opening Worship Sequence

 Reading No. 127 ………….……….  “The Lord on High is Mighty”  

 Hymn No. 128 ………………..  “I Sing the Mighty Power of God”

 Hymn No. 129 …………………………………….  “Great and Mighty”

 *Opening Prayer and God’s Greeting

 Moments for Mission - Talking Bibles 

 Dan Meek, Vice President of Development

 Moments of Prayer

 Music Ministry Ruth Tacoma & Janet Dekkinga


 Tithes & Offerings for God’s Kingdom will be received.

1st Offering – Regular Tithes and Offerings

2nd Offering – Cran Hill Ranch

 Please sign the Fellowship Register as it is passed.

 *Doxology – “Praise God From Whom all Blessings Flow”

 *Prayer of Dedication

 Living Word: Judges 4:1-24 (Page 235)

 Message:  “JAEL:  NAILED HIM” Rev. Rick Oppenhuizen

 Prayer of Blessing on God’s Word

 *Closing Hymn No. 732 ………….………  “The Battle Belongs to the Lord”


 *Song of Departure No. 419 ………………………………….….“Family of God”


 Keyboard, Janet Dekkinga 

 Pianist, Ruth Tacoma


*All who are able, please stand.




We joyously welcome you to Grace Reformed Church! 

Whatever led you to our church today, we believe God rejoices in having you in

this place.  Please take a moment and sign your name and

address on the Fellowship Register as it is passed today.





9:50 – 11:15 AM DISCOVERY KIDZ for kids ages 3 years – 5th

 grade meets downstairs by the youth desk.  Our fun summer theme is

 “Be a Hero for God”. 


MUSIC MINISTRY – Our special music this morning is provided by

 Ruth Tacoma and her daughter Janet Dekkinga.  Janet is also our

 keyboardist today.  A special thank you to Ruth Tacoma who

 faithfully plays the piano for us each week!  We appreciate you both

 and thank you for your time and many talents. 


OUR SPECIAL OFFERING for the month of July is designated for

 CRAN HILL RANCH.  This offering will be received today.


ELDERS INVITATION If you have questions, concerns, joys, or

 prayer needs that you would like to share, please see the Pastor or

 an Elder today.  Elders will be greeting at the doors as you leave the

 sanctuary this morning and they are also listed on the back of your

 bulletin.  You may also make a notation on the Fellowship Register.


PRAYER GROUP will meet following the service in the sanctuary

 to pray for Pastor George & Connections, and the needs and vision at

 Grace Reformed Church.


SUNDAYS AT SIX – Pastor Rick will be leading the combined

 evening services at Faith Reformed.  Tonight’s message:  “THE





HEALTH CONCERNS: Bill Ver Hulst was admitted to Blodgett

 Hospital on Tuesday with possible pneumonia.  Please keep Bill in

 your prayers.  For all praise reports and prayer concerns, see the

 prayers and praise line in your bulletin today.




NEXT SUNDAY Pastor George Grevenstuk will lead our service and

 share the message: “Telling About an Unknown God”.  For our

 evening service we will be meeting with our sister churches at Faith

 Reformed at 6:00 pm.




PASTOR RICK & DONNA will be on vacation July 31 - August 11. 

 If you have a need during this time, please contact Pastor George

 (616-299-9528), your Elder Representative, or call the office.


CHILDREN'S CHRISTMAS PROGRAM - Have you always wanted

 to try leading the children's Christmas program? Well here is your

 opportunity. I am looking for someone who would like to walk beside

 me and work with the children and youth for this year’s Christmas

 Program. I do have a program selected so I would just need your

 creativity, enthusiasm and love for children. Please see Heather if you

 are interested or would like more details. 


DISCOVERY KIDZ VOLUNTEERS are needed through the

 end of August.  Two helpers are needed each week.  Please sign up on

 the sheet in the narthex.  Thank you!


PRAISE TEAM – No practice tomorrow!  You will resume practice  

 August 7 at 7:00 pm. 


DISABILITY ADVOCATE – The RCA is looking for a volunteer to be

 the Disability Advocate for Grace.  This person would work towards

 bringing about the full participation of all people with disabilities in

 the life of the church and the full participation of the church in the

 lives of people with disabilities. You can read more about it on the

 RCA website 

  disability-advocate.  Call the Grace office (538-3100) if you would be

 interested in further details. 




Today Upper Doors:  Fred & Willie Hiemstra

 Lower Doors: Jan Higley

Aug. 6 Upper Doors: Mary Huizinga

 Lower Doors:  Gladys Kessel


 Today Robin Zondervan, Sophie Licari

 Aug. 6 Kerri Baker, Brielle Wigent



  Mission Trip Recap

 I am not sure the words "thank you" are even close to thank you for all your support financially, prep work, or prayerfully.


 This week was a week that I have no doubt not only forever left a mark in my life but in many of our youth and adults that attended. We were blessed to work with a woman named "T". We spent the majority time of the week building a fence. We got to spend the day working side by side with our homeowner. This actually is pretty rare. The days were very hot but the group was amazing and worked so well as a team. We received a huge compliment from our leader Evan, "I have never had a group that showed inclusion like you all do."


 Our last night was the most moving as we closed our time at Team Effort Gatlinburg. The staff performed a very touching skit...showing us what "things" we may need to leave at the cross. Following the skit, our leader led us outside where our group circled around a torch and he prayed with us and encouraged each student to take time to pray and, if they needed to talk, all of us leaders were there to listen. I was absolutely blown away as I watched our group lay down so much at the cross that night.


 Soon we will update you more with picture and stories but I thought for now this would give you a glimpse at what a great week we had being the hands and feet of Jesus!


 Blessings, Heather


Prayers & Praise Line

July 30, 2017


Congregational Prayers and Praise

  • We thank God and praise Him for safety, for discovery, for hands and feet willing to do God’s work in Gatlinburg, TN by our Youth Mission Team.  We are thankful for willing Leaders that take time away from their jobs and families to accompany our kids.  We are thankful to our Youth Director, Heather Dood, for her love and leadership of our kids. 
  • We are so thankful today for summer camps such as Cran Hill Ranch and Camp Geneva.  We are thankful that our Grace kids; Garrett Zondervan, Lilly & Riley Dood, and Addison Boeve were able to spend time at Cran Hill Ranch.  We pray that all the kids that attend summer camp will grow to know Jesus better and have a closer walk with Him.
  • Please pray for the Holy Spirit’s presence and guidance as Pastor Rick and Donna go through these days of transition. 
  • We pray for Heather as she prepares for fall events and her final exams as she works toward becoming a Commissioned Pastor.
  • We pray for Pastor George and Connections. We pray for the youth and adults that attend each week.  We pray for them as they continue to grow and expand.  We pray for their block parties that are taking place in the neighborhoods.
  • Please pray for the Transition team as they continue their work.
  • Brent Kerkstra was able to return to his home last Tuesday.  He will be home for a couple weeks before he will continue with his rehab at a facility.  Please continue to keep him in your prayers.
  • Keep Jerry Hendrickson in your prayers.  We pray for complete healing and strength.
  • Please continue to remember our Grace members and members of their families who are in need of healing, comfort, and strength.  Esther Hoag; Char Otto; Shirley De Bruin; Brent Kerkstra, son of Paul;  Janet, sister of Wes Dekker; Lana, granddaughter of Ken & Cindy Wylie.
  • Pray for our Shut-in’s: Mrs. Tena DeVink, Mrs. Wilma Kamphuis, Mrs. Ruth Ver Merris, Mr. Jim Friar.


As other prayers are shared, you are invited to write

them down and include them in your prayers for our

congregation this week.Please keep the church

informed of your prayer needs and praises.

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