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View June 17, 2012 Bulletin

Posted by: Sue Stuk on Thu, Jun 14, 2012

SUNDAY, JUNE 17, 2012

10:00 am Worship Service

Happy Father’s Day!



 Time of Praise

 * GO FISH “PRAISE” VBS Opening Session

 * Opening Prayer and God’s Greeting 

 VBS Sharing Time

 Moments of Sharing: I’m so glad my father taught me ___________

 Prayer of Thanks for our Fathers


 Tithes and Offerings for God’s Kingdom

 Signing of the Fellowship Register

* Doxology

* Prayer of Dedication

 Living Word: Selections from Job (Page 493)

 Message: “LET’S NOT FORGET JOB” Rev. Rick Oppenhuizen 

 Prayer of Blessing on the Word

* VBS “PRAISE” Closing Session

* Benediction

* Song of Departure No. 444 (Vs. 1 & Chorus)….“I Love to Tell the Story”

* Postlude 

 Organist, Paul Kerkstra

 Pianist, Ruth Tacoma


ELDERS INVITATION If you have questions, concerns, joys, or

 prayer needs that you would like to share, please see the Pastor or

 an Elder today. Elders will be greeting at the doors as you leave the

 sanctuary this morning and they are also listed on the back of your

 bulletin. You may also make a notation on the Fellowship Register.




TODAY WE WELCOME the VBS kids and their families to our

 worship service! We had a GREAT week with about 50 kids here

 each day!


A HUGE HEARTFELT THANK YOU to all who participated in VBS

 2012. It takes so many hands and feet to make this event happen

 each year and the kids and I are grateful for your time and energy

 this past week. We certainly ROCKED the HOUSE!! Also a special

 thank you to all the staff at GRACE, all the extras that have to be

 done ahead of time and the scrambling the evening of VBS. I

 appreciate you all very much and we are very blessed to have the

 staff we do at GRACE. Blessing to you all! ~Ms. Heather

A PRAYER GROUP will meet following the service in the sanctuary

 to pray for Pastor George and the new church start. All are welcome.


NO EVENING SERVICE will be held tonight at Grace. Please enjoy

 the special time with your families today!




MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2012


 7:30 PM CONSISTORY Meeting


TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2012

 7:00 PM MISSION/OUTREACH Team Meeting.



 8:00 AM PARKING LOT CLEAN UP DAY (with lunch

 providedJ) Come out and bring your weed wacker, or other

 lawn tools and help clean up the south side of our parking lot. 

 Please see Tymie Boeve if you can help out! 




NEXT WEEK, JUNE 24, 2012

NEXT SUNDAY Pastor Rick will lead our service and share the



OUR SPECIAL OFFERING for the month of June is designated for

 the GRACE BUILDING FUND. This special offering will be

 received next Sunday.



 WALK”. Please see the Prayers and Praise Line for all the details. 




HEALTH CONCERNS – Please keep Joan Patterson in your prayers

 as she gains strength and continues with the recovery process. 

 For all other prayer requests and praise reports, see the Prayers & 

 Praise Line in your bulletin today.


IN APPRECIATION – Thank you for all the cards received and the

 prayers that were surly answered. Even the surgeons were

 impressed with how well I did…Praise the Lord! ~Effie Bolt


 A sincere thank you to Pastor Rick for his hospital call and grateful

 appreciation to my Grace family for all the cards, prayers, and

 expressions of support since my recent surgery. May God bless you

 all. ~Judy Klein



A COOKIE SIGN UP SHEET is in the narthex. If you would like to

 make cookies for our fellowship time on Sunday mornings, sign up

 and Shari will call you and make arrangements.



 AVAILABLE FOR DISCOVERY KIDZ in the next few weeks. If

 you can help PLEASE sign-up in the narthex. Its only a ONE WEEK

 commitment. We look forward to worshipping with you.



 shown an interest in membership here at Grace, a class will be

 offered in September. This class will explore what it means to belong

 to Jesus Christ and His church. More information is available on the

 narthex table.






Today Upper Doors: Dick Postema, Gerald & Elaine Pylman

 Lower Doors: Eric Postema

June 24 Upper Doors: Rick Postema, George & Hennie Rosema

 Lower Doors: Scott Thornton

July 1 Upper Doors: John & Della Sawyer, Harvey & Sheryl Steensma

 Lower Doors: Lucille Sytsema




Today Sue Vander Wal, Chelsea Dornbos

June 24 Cindy Wylie, Linda Emelander

July 1 Elaine Martin, Sue Stuk


Prayers & Praise Line

June 17, 2012


Church Plant Prayer Focus

 Please pray for Connections families and those whose lives they will

 touch as we reach out to the surrounding community this summer in 

 our “Block Parties”. Our first Block Party will be for families on Plas and 

 Charles Russell directly South of Grace. Connections is conducting

 prayer walks on these two streets and we invite the people of Grace to

 join Shari Dood for a prayer walk there on next Sunday, June 24.

 Simply, get a cup of coffee, grab a cookie and meet Shari by the front

 door. Walk if you can and if not drive through and pray (with your eyes

 open :) on your way home.

  • Pray that we will build relationships of trust with the families.
  • Pray that we share freely the change that God has made in our lives.
  • Pray that entire families will be touched with the good news.
  • Pray that as a result new families join in God’s plan for Connections.


Congregational Prayers and Praise

Please call the office if you would like to

share a Prayer Request or a Praise Report.

  • We praise God for the opportunities to spread the Word through VBS this past week. We are so thankful for the many volunteers, and for the work of Heather Dood.
  • We thank God today for our Fathers!
  • We thank and praise God that Shanna Ten Clay, niece of Lorie Norden returned from service in Afghanistan on Wednesday!
  • Keep these friends and family serving in the military in your prayers: Amie Pierce, Mitch Dekker, Brent Wenzel, Adam Simons, Justin Roelofs. 
  • We remember in prayer the following family or friends of our members that are ill or receiving treatments: Lola De Young, Curt Boes, Dan De Vries, and Doris Ver Merris, Samantha Johnson, Carl Kleymeer
  • We thank and praise God that Larry Frontjes, father of Sue Stuk, is doing well and was able to go home on Wednesday! Please pray for healing and strength in the days that follow. 
    • Pray for our Shut-in’s: Mrs Tena DeVink, Mrs Miriam Schrotenboer, Mrs Anne Hoezee, Mrs Ruth Ver Merris, Mrs. Janet Yonkers
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