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View June 25, 2006 Bulletin

Posted by: Sue Stuk on Mon, Jun 26, 2006

SUNDAY, June 25, 2006
10:00 am Worship Service
 Musical Introit Michelle Weidman
 Time of Praise
 Call to Worship 
 *  Greeting Time 
*  Opening Songs of Praise
*  Opening Prayer and God’s Greeting
 Farewell to Keith
 Moments in Prayer
 Hymn No. 589 …………………………………………………..  “Here I Am, Lord”
 The Special Offering for Church Planting will be received
 Music Ministry Michelle Weidman
 Tithes and Offerings for God’s Kingdom
 Signing of the Fellowship Register
*  Doxology
*  Prayer of Dedication
 Living Word:  I Timothy 4:6-16 (Page 1152)
 Message:  MAKING PROGRESS” Rev. Rick Oppenhuizen
 Prayer of Blessing on the Word
*  Closing Hymn No. 669  ………………………………….  “Make Me a Servant”
*  Benediction
*  Song of Departure No. 670 (vs. 1 & Chorus) …....  “Make Me a Blessing”
*  Postlude 
 Organist, Karen Ver Hulst
*All who are able, please stand
ELDERS INVITATION - If you have questions, concerns, joys, or
 prayer needs that you would like to share, an Elder will be available
 in the front of the sanctuary following the service this morning.
We joyously welcome you to Grace.  Let us join together in celebrating the goodness of God, and singing songs of joy before our creator.  Please sign your name and address on the Fellowship Register as it is passed today so we can get to know you better!
Sunday’s at Six
Meet at the Crossing
 Call to Worship
*  Opening Hymn No. 516  ……………..………………………………  “Redeemed”
* Invocation & Salutation
 Time of Sharing
 Moments in Prayer
* Hymn No. 680  …………………………  “All the Way My Savior Leads Me”
 Living Word:  Esther 8:11-9:17  (Page 490)
 Rev. Rick Oppenhuizen
 Prayer of Blessing on the Word 
* Closing Hymn No. 353  ………………………………………  “Victory in Jesus”
* Benediction  
 Evening Pianist, Karen Ver Hulst
THIS MORNING we will bid Keith farewell as he is leaving Grace
 and taking the position of Children’s Ministry Director at New Life
 Community Church with Rev. Todd Bush. 
OUR MINISTRY OF MUSIC is presented by Michelle Weidman.  Michelle is
 a member of Mars Hill Bible Church.  Thank you for being with us
 and sharing your testimony in song today.
THE SPECIAL OFFERING for the month of June is designated for the
 Synod of the Great Lakes Church Planting Campaign.  Over the last
 10 years the new church plants have seen an average of 30% of the
 new attendees to be new believers and another 25% to be those who
 are recommitting their lives to Christ!  This special offering will be
 received this morning.
SUNDAY’S AT SIX – Join us at the Crossing as Pastor Rick concludes the
 series on the book of Esther.
 4:30 PM PRAYER GROUP will meet in Pastor Rick’s Office.
HEALTH CONCERNS –Sandy Workman was expected to return to her
 home on Friday following knee replacement surgery.  Ernie Otto
 underwent outpatient surgery on Friday.  See the Prayers & Praise
 Line inserted in your bulletin today for all the other Prayer Requests
 and Praise Reports.
IN APPRECIATION- I want to thank everyone who helped to make our
 Fiesta VBS such a huge success!  It takes a lot of people doing their
 part to make something this big happen!  We had a high day
 enrollment of 147 children on Wednesday and a total enrollment of
 184 children throughout the week!  All those children’s lives were
 touched because you took time to give!  Words cannot express my
 thanks to each of you, but my prayer is that you will be blessed in
 return.  The follow up to VBS is beginning…families will be visited
 and special events for these children will be planned.  Perhaps some
 of you can help with these follow up activities…they will be posted in
 the bulletin soon.  Again, thank you! ~Shari Dood 
 Thank you also to all those who helped with the clean up following
 VBS.  It was appreciated!!
NEXT SUNDAY Rev. John Smith will be with us and share the morning
 message.  There will not be an evening service at Grace on this
 holiday weekend.  Pastor Rick and Donna will be on vacation
 beginning tomorrow and will return July 11.  If an emergency arises,
 please contact your Caring Shepherd, Elder, or Pastor Rog or call the
 church office and we will contact them for you. 
LEFTOVER PICTURES & CRAFTS from VBS are one the narthex table.  If
 you know any of these children, please pick up their picture or craft
 from the table and deliver it to them.
 are asked to come to a meeting on Thursday, July 13 at 7:00 pm. 
 The purpose of the meeting is to brainstorm and give input on fall
SMALL GROUPS – Is your small group still meeting??  Would you like to
 lead a small group this fall, or do you have an idea for study?  Call
 Heather Dood at 534-1794.
WASHING MACHINE NEEDED for the parsonage.  If you have a good used
 machine or would like to donate one, please see Bob Ver Merris.
THE FAMILY NETWORK IN WYOMING is in urgent need of key canned
 goods.  Most needed are corn, peas, green beans, mixed vegetables,
 kidney beans, and carrots.  You can bring your donations to the
 church kitchen if you wish to contribute.
Today Upper Doors:  Steve & Angie Hendrickson
 Jim & Sally Herrema
 Lower Doors:  Kevin & Becky Herrema
July 2 Upper Doors:  Fred & Willie Hiemstra
 Jan Higley
 Lower Doors:  Dave & Pam Hoezee
June Aisle 1 Aisle 2 Aisle 3 Aisle 4 Aisle 5 Aisle 6
 Frontjes Elkowitz Norden Dood Stuk Bush
Today AM Service:  Judy Beadle, Tami Veldheer, Ashley Veldheer
 PM Service:  Donna Oppenhuizen
July 2 AM Service:  Danielle Vining, Lynda Ver Merris, Becky
 Herrema, Brad Beadle
  Week of 6-18-06
 Offering Weekly Amount Needed Difference
 $5,928.51 $7,848.27 - 1,919.76
Year to Date Offering Year to Date Needed Difference
 $185,005.74 $196,206.75 - 11,201.01
Prayers & Praise Line
June 25, 2006
The Prayer and Praise Line is a way to let our Grace Congregation
know about your prayer needs and praise reports. 
Praise God for…
· The work done by Keith Benthin and the lives that have been touched
· Sean Van Essen’s safe return home from Iraq
· The work of Cran Hill Ranch and Camp Geneva
· The summertime and a chance to renew and relax
Prayers for…
· Pastor David Jansen and CenterPoint Church
· New Life Community Church and Rev. Todd Bush
· Shawn Gerbers working this summer at the Grand Canyon
· The new job partner of Steve Elkowitz ~ please pray that he may be led to Christ
· Sandy Workman following knee replacement surgery
· Ernie Otto following surgery
· Paul Elder, a 17 year old high school youth from Club 3:16, who has
 gotten into trouble and is facing a 5-6 year prison term.  He is at the Kent
 County Jail at the present time.  He will be sentenced in August.
· Millie Nevins now at the home of her daughter
· Those in our congregation with continuing heath concerns:  Jan VanWyk,
 David Hoezee, Marjean Tibbets, Ila Friar, Mary Haagsman, Ken Wylie
· The following friends and family members with health concerns:
 Carol Hoekstra, Lara Class, Samantha Allan, Katie Van Dam
 Gordon Ver Merris, Jeff Gerwig
· Sean Van Essen and Mark DeBri  in the military
· Our Shut-in’s including: Mrs Dorothy Church, Mr Irwin Huizen,
 Mrs Gert Kerkstra, Mrs Gen Kroon, Mrs Millie Nevins,  Mr & Mrs
 Ade Peterson, Mrs Ann Rozema, Mrs Miriam Schrotenboer, Mrs June
 Snyder, Leora Totten, Mr Casey Ver Merris,  Mrs Margaret Zylstra
As other prayers are shared, you are invited to write them down and include them in your prayers for our congregation this week.  Please keep the church informed of your prayer needs and praise reports!
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