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Posted by: Sue Stuk on Thu, Mar 9, 2006

2nd Sunday of Lent
March 12, 2006
10:00 am Worship Service
 Choral Introit “He Died For Me” 
 Time of Praise
 Call to Worship 
 *  Greeting Time
*  Opening Songs of Praise 
*  Invocation and Salutation
 Prayer of Confession (In Unison)
 Words of Assurance
 Senior Choir “Why?” 
 Reception of New Members
 Hymn No. 676 ………………………..……………  “O Jesus, I Have Promised”
 Tithes and Offerings for God’s Kingdom
 Signing of the Fellowship Register
 Children are dismissed for Children In Worship
*  Doxology
*  Prayer of Dedication
 Living Word: Matthew 26:57-68 (Page 964)
 Message:  “HOW ANGRY CAN YOU GET?” Rev. Rick Oppenhuizen
 Prayer of Blessing on the Word
*  Closing Hymn No. 654  ………….……………..  “Change My Heart, O God”
*  Benediction
*  Song of Departure No. 501 (vs. 1) ....……………  “Now I Belong to Jesus” 
 Organist, Paul Kerkstra
 Pianist,  Ruth Tacoma
 *All who are able, please stand
 ELDERS INVITATION - If you have questions, concerns, joys, or
 prayer needs that you would like to share, an Elder will be available
 in the front of the sanctuary following the service this morning.
We are so glad to have you worship with us during this season of Lent.  During this season we are all together in need of divine forgiveness, in need of power to lead a more faithful Christian life.  Whatever led you to our church today, we believe God rejoices in having you in this place!  Please take a  moment and sign the Fellowship Register when it is  passed so we can get to know you!
Sunday’s at Six
Meet in the Chapel
 Call to Worship
* Opening Hymn No. 12  ……………..………….  “Praise Him!  Praise Him!”
* Invocation & Salutation
 Time of Sharing
 Moments in Prayer
* Hymn No. 305  ………………………………………………….  “Jesus Paid It All”
 Living Word:  Isaiah 53 (Page 716)
 Message:  “THE PROMISED LAMB” Rev. Bruce Osbeck
 Prayer of Blessing on the Word 
* Closing Hymn No. 308  ………………………………  “There Is a Redeemer”
* Benediction
WE CELEBRATE TODAY as the following persons make Profession of Faith
 in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior:
 Brad Beadle (1705 Klaver SW, Wyoming, MI  49519)
 Chelsea Boeve (2351 Easy Street SW, Wyoming, MI 49519)
 Children ages 4 – 2nd grade meet in the Fellowship
 Hall today for Children In Worship.  Children are
 dismissed during the hymn prior to the message. 
11:30 – 12:10 PM SUNDAY SCHOOL - There are classes available for
 all ages three years old and upward.  PARENTS are invited to join in
 the nursery for a time of fellowship with one another while the kids
 are in Sunday School!  Coffee and cold drinks will be provided!
 Sunday School Guide Class will meet in the Consistory Room. 
 Grace and the Millennium – Brad Class will lead this group in the
 Chapel.  Today – “The Great Harlot ”.
 The Sunday Prayer Group will meet in the Sanctuary.
THIS EVENING we welcome Rev. Bruce Osbeck, Pastor of Faith Reformed
 Church, to our pulpit during the Lenten Pulpit Exchange.  Pastor
 Rick is preaching at Faith.
HEALTH CONCERNS – Sheryl Steensma has returned home following
 back surgery.  Doris Cook is back at St. Mary’s with a large blood
 clot.  Dorothy Church was transferred to the Heartland Center
 (2320 E. Beltline) for therapy. Please keep all these members of
 our church family in your prayers this week.
OUR CHRISTIAN SYMPATHIES are extended to Bill & Ruth Tacoma upon
 the death of Ruth’s brother, Jim Coeling, on Monday, March 6. 
 Services were held in Troy on Saturday, March 11.
IN APPRECIATION – We want to thank our Grace Church family for all
 the cards, calls, and special contacts of sympathy following the
 death of our sister, Nancy Brinks, down in Texas on January 26,
 2006. ~  Lucille Sytsema and Dan & Martha Derogee
 We can’t begin to thank everyone for their love and support during
 our pregnancy and after the birth of Lilly.  Thank you for the meals
 provided by the Sunshine Committee and many other friends.  Also
 the many cards and gifts upon Lillian’s arrival.  It means so much to
 have such a loving church family. ~Jayme & Heather Dood
STUDENT SPOTLIGHT! Today we want to spotlight Keri Boeve.  Keri is in her
 senior year at Hope College and will graduate on May 7, 2006.  Keri is
 majoring in Psychology with a communications minor.  She is currently
 interning with the American Cancer Society in Holland working with
 patient programs and setting up new programs.  You can send notes of
 encouragement to Keri by email or mail to 2351 Easy
 Street, Wyoming, 49519. 
MONDAY, MARCH 13, 2006
 6:15 PM CADETS FOR BOYS IN GRADES 1-5. We will meet
 at church to ride together at 6:15 pm, or meet at Newhall at
 6:30 pm.  If you need to be picked up at home, please call the
 office (538-3100) to arrange.
 6:45 – 8:00 PM THE SENIOR CHOIR will meet.
 6:45 – 8:15 PM GEMS for girls in grades 1-8 meets at church.
 4:30 PM PRAYER GROUP will meet in Pastor Rick’s office.
PASTOR RICK will continue the Lenten series  “SIGHTS AND SOUNDS OF
 LENT”.  The message next week is “DID YOU WASH YOUR HANDS?” from
 Matthew 27:24-25; John 1:29-34; Mark 10:35-40. 
SUNDAY’S AT SIX -  Rev. Mark Bergsma, Pastor of Unity Reformed
 Church, will be with us and will share a Lenten message on the theme
 “Behold the Lamb”.  Pastor Rick will be preaching at Beverly. 
Sunday, March 26, 10:00 am YOUTH SUNDAY!
Saturday, May 20, 2:00 pm FELLOWSHIP TEAM GOLF OUTING! 
Week of June 12 - 16, 6:00 – 9:00 pm FIESTA! VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL
 AT GRACE!  Please reserve these dates because we will need your
 help!  See the Galaxy next week for more details.  Sign ups begin
 March 19.  Join us in beginning to pray for our leaders and children
 who will come. 
FOOD PANTRY COLLECTION – Remember to bring in food, personal care
 items, paper products, or cleaning supplies for our Lent Food Pantry
 Collection.  Please bring these items to the boxes by the lower &
 upper doors.  Anything you can give will be appreciated!  Thank you!
THE COMMUNITY OUTREACH SEARCH TEAM will be starting to interview
 soon.  If you are interested in being involved in these interviews,
 contact Ray Zondervan at 262-2158 in the evening or email him at
WORK TRIP to Foley Alabama.  At present 13 adults from our church are taking part in this.  They are:  Jim & Linda Emelander, Joan Emaus, Larry & Deb Kleymeer, Elaine Martin, Rog & Phyllis Vander Sloot, Bill Ver Hulst, Ray & Robin Zondervan, and Dale & Shari Dood.  We will leave Saturday, April 22 and return the following weekend.  Some of the details have changed from before, so please stop by our table in the narthex to see pictures and more details of the family of the home we will be building, as well as trip details.  We will be traveling in our church vans and staying at Pinetreat Camp.  Funds will be needed for transportation costs, lodging on the way down and back, and food.  Please help us by signing up to be a prayer partner for those going on the trip and by giving generously in the offering that will be taken on March 26. 
DUE TO A SCHEDULING CONFLICT, the 50’s Diner night will be changed
 to a later date!
THE NEXT GALAXY will soon be published.  Articles are due TODAY. 
 Please leave your articles in the bin attached to the file cabinet in the
 main office or contact Sandy Gort or Pat Ter Beek.
MEN – PROMISE KEEPERS IS COMING!  Reserve the dates of September
 15-16 for the Promise Keepers Convention at the Van Andel Arena. 
 Sign up today in the narthex!
WOMEN – BEVERLY REFORMED CHURCH invites you to their annual
 Lenten Breakfast on Wednesday, April 12 at 9:30 am.  The
 inspirational program, “The Blessings of Receiving”, will be
 presented by Sherry Harney.  Sherry is a pastor’s wife and the busy
 mother of three teen-age sons.  Phone your reservations by April 9 to
 Joyce (667-1261) or Winnie (530-9495).
GULL LAKE LADIES DAYS program and luncheon will be held Tuesday,
 June 13.  Tickets are $20.00 each.  If you choose to buy a ticket to
 attend contact Lucille Sytsema at 532-7027 by Wednesday, March 15.
THE SINGING HIMS celebrate “30 Years of Praising God” on March 26 at
 8:00 pm at Rogers Heights CRC, 3025 Michael, Wyoming.  You are
 invited to attend this concert!
Today Upper Doors:  Marge Veldheer;  Ken & Cindy Wylie
 Lower Doors:  Danielle Vining
March 19 Upper Doors:  Ron & Tami Veldheer;  Keith & Carolyn Baker
 Lower Doors:  Ray & Robin Zondervan
March Aisle 1 Aisle 2 Aisle 3 Aisle 4 Aisle 5 Aisle 6
 Moody Gort Johnson Veldheer Kosters Stephan
Today AM Service:  Sue Veldheer, Karen Kosters, Robin
 Zondervan, Rachel Pence  PM Service:  Ruth Postema
March 19 AM Service:  Judy Beadle, Samantha Johnson
 PM Service:  Lynda Ver Merris
Week of 3-5-06
 Offering Weekly Amount Needed Difference
 $6,915.20 $7,848.27 -  $933.07
Year to Date Offering Year to Date Needed Difference
 $74,268.59 $78,482.70 - $4,214.11
February Special Offering for Camp Geneva/Cran Hill Ranch  $571.00
Prayers & Praise Line
March 12, 2006
The Prayer and Praise Line is a way to let our Grace Congregation
know about your prayer needs and praise reports. 
Praise God for…
· The Professions of Faith of Chelsea Boeve and Brad Beadle
· The students that come to Club 3:16 each week
· GENESIS 06 and the lives that were changed through this event
Prayers for…
· Pastor David Jansen and CenterPoint Church
· New Life Community Church and Rev. Todd Bush
· Plans underway for VBS FIESTA in June
· The work of the Search Team
· Shawn Gerbers studying at Western Theological Seminary
· Sheryl Steensma following surgery
· Doris Cook and Dorothy Church who have been hospitalized this week
· Rev. Louis Benes hospitalized in Florida
· The Tacoma, Dekker, and the Veldheer Families as they mourn the recent
 loss of loved ones
· Ila Friar and her continuing health concerns
· Carole Lankheet as she continues Chemotherapy
· Dave Hoezee following his visit to the Mayo Clinic
· The Elkowitz family… pray that God will continue to watch over them and
 lead them in the right direction during this change in their lives
· Dan Martin, son of Elaine, who is studying in Osaka, Japan
· The following friends and family members with health concerns:
 Carol Hoekstra, Ashley Kielezewski, Lara Class, Frenchetta Powell
 Samantha Allan, Katie Van Dam, Gordon Ver Merris, Jeff Gerwig
· Sean Van Essen, Nate Petter, and Mark DeBri  in the military
· Our Shut-in’s including: Mrs Doris Cook, Mr Irwin Huizen,
 Mrs Gert Kerkstra, Mrs Gen Kroon, Mrs Millie Nevins,
 Mr & Mrs Ade Peterson, Mrs Ann Rozema, Mrs Miriam
 Schrotenboer, Mrs June Snyder, Leora Totten, Mr Casey Ver Merris,
 Mrs Virginia Workman, Mrs Margaret Zylstra
As other prayers are shared, you are invited to write them down and include them in your prayers for our congregation this week.  Please keep the church informed of your prayer needs and praise reports!
   Discussion: View March 12, 2006 Bulletin
david (anon) · 7 years, 4 months ago
Lord Jesus Christ please add vigorous pain in my job so that help me to further my job contract as I now use something to cut into my body in order to keep on praying, pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, a-men. Thank God for that I can submit my prayer request here, and thank you for your prayer, may God bless you. Firstly, please pray for that my mother was cheated by Mr. Kwong, Mr Ho, Hin Chai and Anna years before, she went to a company and worked as an Office assistant, but they cheated my mother, and compelled my mother to give her money out to them(they cheated my mother that the money was used for investment, and the investment was failured), and went away, thank God for that the policemen arrested Mr. Kwong now, but the Mr. Ho , Hin Chai and Anna were still not arrested, please pray for that God can help the policemen in the investigation, and find the evidence to accuse the Mr. Kwong and his helper in the judiciary court, thank God for that the policemen sent us several letters till now about that the investigation is in the progressing, please pray for that God can move their heart, Mr. Kwong , Mr. Ho, Hin Chai and Anna will regret about that they cheated my mother, and they can have pity on my mother , and return the money back to my mother , thank you. Secondly, (1) thank God for that now I have taken in the psychological medicines, please pray for that God can protect me from the side effect of psychological medicines, my mother will not place the psychological medicines into my food, I can forgive my family members if they place the psychological medicines into my food, and please pray for that my family members and I will not hurt by my bosses, and will not suffer a loss at the judgement day. and please pray for that my mother and I can use all our spare time (holidays) to study bible,, distribute the gospel pamphlets and pray, so that we can have spiritual growth up and I can further my contract. (2)Please pray for that my mother, brother , sister and I can have safety during working hour, please pray for that God can protect my family members and I to have a job. (3)Please pray for that my parents could have goood relationship between each other, my father will not want to divorce with my mother; (4) Please pray for that I now use a sharp things to cut into my skin in order that I can keep on praying, (5) Please pray for that I can restore my psychological health, because I am always blame myself about the sins I committed before, I am afraid that God will punish me about the sins I committed before, please pray for that I can have biblical mind to know will God punish me one day or not, so that I can live out good witnesses and have peace to face the punishment from God one day, and please pray for that God can forgive me. (6) Please pray for and thank God for that I will not be suffered in the marital problems, so that I can seek the kingdom and the righteousness of God first, and have a spiritual growth up, and I will not regret about the decision I made in this marriage this life, that I will only choose the Christian girlfriend that was arranged by God, please pray for that if God had not prepare a Christian girlfriend for me, help me to keep alone whole life, so that I will not be hurt again in order that I can restore my psychological health and have a spiritual growth up. (7)Please pray for that the son of my brother will not hurt himself, my brother and my sister will not be suffered in the marital problems , my sister can have good psychological health, and we can maintain a good relationship, we will not be hurt by the husband of my sister and the wife of my brother, so that my mother and I can help my sister and my brother to accept the Jesus. (8)Please pray for that I can continue submit my prayer requests and study bible from the net, so that my mother and I can firmly believe in the bible ,and we can have assurance of the salvation. And please pray for that we will not suffer a loss in the Lord's Judgement Day, thank God for that I can keep on use mind or mouth to pray in the office , please pray for that God can keep my stomach health if I pray with fasting for too long time, and please pray for that God can keep me not to hurt myself if I undergo stress because I found some blood come out of my body nowadays, please pray for that God can keep me if I need to see a doctor, please pray for that God can help me not to bleeding inside my body and I can restore my health, and please pray for that I can not only keep on use mouth to pray in the office but also in the whole life time, God can keep my health when I pray too vigorous, and I can pray at mid-night , and my mother and I can go to the church where God prepared for us and donate our money there in the will of God, so that we can have spiritual growth up , please pray for that I can maintain a good psychological and body health, and can keep on pray with heart this life, and please pray for that I will not suffer from disease ( such as heart disease) if I pray too vigorous. (9)Please pray for that my family members and I can have place to live and food to eat and we can have safety in using electricity and fire, pray for my sister that she want to born a baby, please keep her health and baby's health, and please pray for that we can apply for compassionate rehousing in God's will, may God have mercy upon my family members. (10) Please pray for that when I distributing the gospel pamphlets in the mainland China, the policemen come to me, and write down my Identity Card number, please pray for that God can help me to tackle with it. (11) Please pray for that I hurt my skin in order to keep on praying, please pray for that I can keep on pray with hurt my skin and will not infected by the SARS or other viruses.(12)Please pray for that my brother will not go on drinking the wine and gambling, and please pray for that when his wife want to divorce with him, he will not have some irrational thoughts, such as commit suicide or hurt himself or do some hurtful things . so that he will not be arrested by the policemen. (13) Please pray for that God can add my pain, so that I can be purified, and help me to have spiritual growth up, and please pray for that my family members and I will not be hurt by my colleagues, classmates, church members and friends include Christian colleagues, so that they can be helpful for me to live out a good witness before my family members, my grandmother, my father, my sister, my brother and my relatives can all accept the Jesus Christ, and my mother and I can have a spiritual growth up and can strenghthen our faith. And I am sorry for any inconvinience I made to submit my prayer request here. Pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, a-men.

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