Church History

Reelman's Hall (1897-1998)

Grace Reformed was organized in 1897 as an English-language daughter of Fifth Reformed. It was the third English-language RCA congregation in Grand Rapids. Our first gathering location was at (710 Grandville Ave. SW)


The Klondyke Church (1898-1899)

A growing congregation found a new meeting space in The Klodyke Church. 


John Van de Erve, 1897-1901

Caulfield Avenue and 'B' Street (1900-1963)

In 1900, Grace Reformed Church moved to Caulfield Avenue and 'B' Street in Grand Rapids.

892 Caulfield SW at B Street is two blocks east of Grandville Ave. and two blocks south of Franklin Street.


John Van de Erve, 1897-1901

Rense H. Joldersma, 1901-02

Peter P. Cheff, 1902-05

Peter Braak, 1905-08

Lawrence Dykstra, 1909-12

Cornelius H. Spaan, 1912-38

Theodore Schaap, 1938-45

Henry C. Van Deelen, 1946-48

Abraham Rynbrandt, 1949-53

James W. Schut, 1954-59

Rodger H. Dalman, 1959-65 

3330 Burlingame in Wyoming (1964-Present)

With the construction of US-131 the congregation relocated to Wyoming, Michigan, in 1964. 


Rodger H. Dalman, 1959-65

Harry L. Brower, 1966-72

Mark D. De Witt, 1973-85

Louis H. Bennes III, 1986-96

Brian K. Taylor, associate, 1988-96

Rick Veenstra, interim, 1996-97

Rick Oppenhuizen, 1998-2017

Jack Doorlag, 2018 - 2020

Heather Dood, 2020-Present  

The Crossing (1999-Present)

Built in 1999, The Crossing is our youth and outreach building.